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This topic has been discussed quite extensively, but I feel that it hasn't been nearly enough. Especially when I just learned, that one of my favorite franchises is getting the MTX (microtransaction) treatment.
The game I'm talking about is Devil May Cry 5. A single player game, with a small (co-op?) multiplayer part in it. The news broke about 2 weeks ago, when Gamespot got to test the game. I really like the Devil May Cry series, but my excitement dropped to near zero when I read the news. Since then, Angry Joe, ScreenRant and others (GameCrate, Destructoid, etc.) also discussed it.
Let me start by saying this: MTX has no place whatsoever in single player games! In triple A titles even less! Fortunately (for now) not many single player games have MTX, but the trend is worrying. Just look at Shadow of War. Or Devil May Cry 4 for that matter.
MTX has been accepted - sadly - in multiplayer games over time. And the greed of the publishers only grew. Everybody remembers last years m…